Something is seriously wrong with Payoneer - my review of Payoneer.

John Avis by | November 2, 2020 | Reviews

I can't log in to Payoneer. So I created a new account. Now I can't log in to my new account.
Payoneer sign in problems

Around a year ago I created an account with Payoneer so I could receive payments from Rezdy as this is the only option Rezdy provide.

I remember registration being a bit of a pain as you have to provide all sorts of identification but it went reasonably smoothly.

I haven't had any need to log in to Payoneer for a long time until now, when Rezdy informed me that I needed to reconnect my account with Payoneer due to some interface changes.

But I couldn't log in to Payoneer. It reported that either my email or password was incorrect. I tried to reset my password but despite it saying it was sending an email, no email was ever received (I checked junk too, of course). I tried an alternate email address which also didn't work.

One concerning thing was that when I tried to log in using my user name it offered to send a password reset via SMS but it was showing someone else's phone number and email address. I Googled to see if other people were having issues with Payoneer and found that other people were reporting similar problems and incorrect phone numbers or emails being shown. (Note that Payoneer don't show the full email and telephone, just the first and last digits)

The next step is to ask Payoneer for help. The contact us links lead to support pages and it seemed impossible to find a contact method: the contact form required me to log in which I couldn't do, and links to the contact form without having to log in just took me back to the support home page.

What to do next? Maybe social media? I went to the Payoneer Facebook page and it immediately came up with a live chat window. I put in a short message explaining my problem and got back an immediate automatic reply saying that live chat wasn't for live chat and I should use the contact us page and a link was provided which did exactly the same as before. I replied to the robot and got back the same automatic reply.

I gave up for a few days then went back to the Payoneer site and found a contact us page that worked (maybe they had a problem previously). I wrote about my problem and submitted and got back an immediate reply which was simply an automatic response telling me to refer to the support pages and don't bother replying because this is a no-reply address. I also found some mention that if I couldn't log in maybe create a new account.

The website also has options for live chat and telephone but these require you to log in.

Given that I seemed to be at a dead end I decided to go with the option of creating a new account.

I thought it was odd that I was able to register a new account with the same email address but I did create the account successfully and then started the painful process of identification. I submitted my driver's license, a utility bill and bank account evidence. They rejected my license because they said it had either expired (it expires in 2022) or is too old (huh?) so I submitted it again and this time it was okay.

A short while later my account was approved (woo hoo) so I went back to Rezdy to connect with the new account. This took me to a Payoneer log in page. I typed in the details that I just created and once again I could not log in.

I don't know where to go from here...

So my review of Payoneer is to avoid them if possible mainly because support appears to be non-existent. If that's not enough then there is also a question over their security (showing incorrect telephone numbers and email addresses) and how I got into this dead-end of not being able to log in.

Update #1:

I was able to get into my new account after resetting my password. I still have no idea what happened to my original account.

I also eventually got a reply via Facebook just saying that they didn't have an account under the email address I gave them.

The time came to withdraw money from Rezdy into the new Payoneer account. Rezdy reported a successful withdrawl so I logged in to Payoneer and found the transaction under pending transactions but with the status of "Under Review". It seems transactions have to be manually reviewed and this can take up to three days.

I wonder why companies like Rezdy choose Payoneer over alternatives?

Update #2:

So you pay to receive payments and then you have to pay again to transfer the money out of Payoneer into your bank account?

48 hours after requesting a transfer to my bank account I get an email saying my request has been received and that transfers typically take 2 business days.

Rezdy, have you heard of PayPal?

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