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I was really excited when I first found Here was a site where you could get almost anything done for $5 (US).
I was really excited when I first found Here was a site where you could get almost anything done for $5 (US).

The next website that I was developing for myself I thought I would give it a try and get a logo created. There are hundreds of people on there who will create a logo for you, most for $5.

Many of them do actually charge more than $5 for things like faster service, additional file formats, and other benefits, but there is still plenty on there that just charge $5.

So, being the big spender, I invested $15 in logos from 3 different people. The result...? Absolute crap! All four logos (one person provided two logos) were amateurish and could not be used.

What can you do? Most of the people advertise that they will make amendments until you are happy, but (a) if the first one was crap then most likely they are only capable of producing crap, and (b) it was only $5 and how much work do you expect someone to do for $5 even if it is crap work?

So what did I do? Not wanting my $15 to be wasted I decided to spend another $10 on another two logos from two more people. Can you guess the result? Yes, crap again!

All of the people I bought from showed a great set of samples and some had really good reviews from past customers. But what I got was nothing like the samples and all appeared to be the work of amateurs.

Now I'm sure many sellers would say what do you expect for $5 and probably say you have to go for top rated sellers and pay the premium for extra services to get a good job, but after this experience I am reluctant to try.

I found it interesting too that some sellers say don't leave them negative feedback, instead they would rather give you a refund.

I think I have a great idea for, though. Seeing they have so many sellers who are obviously willing to work for very little, how about running a competitions service. Me as a buyer posts a request for something like a logo, selects an amount I will pay for the finished product (from $5 upwards, of course) and people can submit their product for me to choose from. You can add a watermark to protect their work. This I would do, but I won't be spending any more money at otherwise!

Update 5-Nov-2014

I gave up on and tried Read my review.

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