What's the cheapest way to send a DVD through Australia Post? (April 2024)

johna by | April 6, 2024 | Reviews

The average DVD including plastic case weighs around 100g.

These can be sent by regular post as a large letter up to 125g without any tracking for $3.00.

You will need to use your own envelope or packaging for this rate. DVDs usually fit snuggly in a C5-sized envelope (229 x 162mm).

For heavier DVDs such as those with more than one disc, a booklet, or a heavier case, you can send up to 250g for $4.50 but it's better value to purchase a prepaid C5 envelope (229 x 162mm) for $3.80. These can be up to 20mm thick and 500g in weight.

Australia Post prepaid C5 domestic letter

If you need faster delivery you can pay an extra $0.50 for priority mail, which might be 1 to 2 days quicker than regular letter delivery.

For the quickest delivery option, you can send in a C5 Express Post envelope for $8.85 for overnight delivery to capital cities. Express Post includes tracking.

C5 Express Post Envelope

Another option is a prepaid medium domestic letter with tracking for $6.65. These envelopes will fit a DVD up to 500g (240 x 162mm envelope size) and include proof-of-posting and tracking. You can also add $0.70 for speedier delivery using priority mail.

Medium Domestic Letter with Tracking.jpg

Registered Post is also available for $8.80 (B4 envelope) but the only advantage over Domestic Letter with Tracking is signature on delivery.

For all of these services, there is a maximum thickness of 20mm for the item including packaging. This allows a small amount of room for a thin piece of cardboard for a little protection in transit.

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