How to replace the door switch on Aldi Stirling STR-FL80 front-loader washing machine (error E4)

johna by | November 25, 2023 | Electrical Repairs

Stirling STR-FL80 error E4

Our Stirling STR-FL80 8kg front loader washing machine that we purchased from Aldi has been intermittently not working and showing error E4.

This error message indicates a problem with the door interlock switch.

I couldn't find any mention of a replacement part online, but after looking through pictures of other door switches I could see that there are lots of models that use a very similar part.

Most of them look almost the same but there are a few minor differences. It's only important that the basic shape is the same and the electrical connector is the same, and the location of the lock is the same.

You can search eBay for a Hisense, Haier or TCL door switch, confirm it looks very similar and get one. Expect to pay $10-$20 for the cheap ones from Chinese sellers, some of which might have local stock.

Installation is fairly simple. Start by unplugging the unit from the power supply for safety.

You will need to remove the top cover which is held on by two screws on the back, top of each side. Once the screws are out pull it backwards to unlock it.

Then open the door and unscrew the two switches at the front of the washing machine around the door lock hole.

You can then reach down into the machine and start manoeuvring the door switch into a position where you can see a piece of string that is looped onto the bottom of the door switch (this is the emergency door release pull). It's easiest if you can get the switch into a position where that part is sticking out the door lock hole so you can separate the string from the door switch and then importantly not lose the string back into the machine. A helper will be useful for this purpose.

Once the string is disconnected you can pull the door switch up and out and unplug the electrical connector by squeezing the locking part of the plug and pulling.

You may want to transfer the piece of foam from the old to new switch. I forgot to do this and it probably is not important.

Now you can connect the plug to your new door switch and then fish it back down into the depths of the machine and try and position it so that same piece is out of the hole and the string can be reattached.

If you lose the string then you can either try and find it again by reaching down to the bottom of the machine, or leave it disconnected and deal with if you ever need the emergency release. Personally, I've never used the emergency release and don't even know what to pull.

Next step is to get the door switch into position. You will need to feel which way the lock hole is so you can try and match that up with the front of the washing machine. From memory, the electrical connect faces down (could be wrong), but just keep rotating it until things line up and then you can get those two screws in to secure the switch.

Then it is top cover back on and time to test your work.

Here are some photos of the original switch to give you an idea of what to look for when finding a replacement.

Stirling STR-FL80 door switch Stirling STR-FL80 door switch

And here is what you can look for on eBay.

Stirling STR-FL80 door switch Stirling STR-FL80 door switch

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