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johna by | April 1, 2023 | Website Hosting

I've hosted my personal sites and my customer websites with ASPnix for over a decade now.

If you are looking for the best value Windows shared hosting then they should be on your short list.

Here is why I like them...

Value for money

For US$10 per month I can host up to 25 websites. As a web developer with a few clients and my own personal projects, this means that I can host everything I need and have space for extra projects, demonstration and test websites.

Adding a website is as simple as adding an extra domain or create a new sub-domain of an existing domain.

Aside from the 25 website limit, there are no bandwidth or storage limits. You can even have unlimited MySql databases or if you use Microsoft SQL Server then you can have up to 25 databases up to 10Gb in size each.

One extra cost you should be aware of is if you intend to run SSL, then you will need a dedicated IP address at an extra cost of US$2 per month per IP address.

They do have a cheaper US$5 pm plan, which is still very useful and can host up to 5 websites and their email and databases, but that plan lacks support for SSL. The more expensive plans have greater memory allowances and allow more websites and larger limits for SQL Server and email.


You can host everything from Classic ASP to the latest .NET and .NET Core. You can also run PHP, and you have full access to your websites through both S/FTP and a web-based file manager.

As I already mentioned, they also offer MySql and SQL Server.

You also get email, of course, with very reasonable limits and plenty of control over domains, aliases, forwarding and domain security.

ASPnix use a customised version of DotNetPanel (later named WebsitePanel) which in my opinion is the best control panel for Windows servers.

You can pretty much control anything you will ever need on a server -- websites, DNS, FTP, email, databases. DNP has great scheduled tasks too, which makes it really easy to set up things like web pages that need to be run on a schedule, and database backups whenever you need them.

For SSL, ASPnix have a great feature where you can easily set up a free Lets Encrypt certificate, and their system will automatically renew it regularly so you don't have to do this laborious process yourself, or pay for a commercial certificate. If you do want to use any other type of certificate then you can buy one from them or buy one from any other source, and the control panel makes it easy to install either way.

You also get access to IIS logs and can add statistics to websites if you favour that over Google Analytics.

If, like me, you still maintain a Classic ASP website, then you will appreciate that ASPnix support Classic ASP and have many components installed that you might need.


Like every other hosting company I have ever dealt with, ASPnix do have occasional outages due to upgrades or technical problems. From my experience, they have always dealt with these quickly and efficiently and they have a real-time status page so you can see if anything is down.

I've needed support a few times and have always been impressed with the speed of response and their ability to resolve any issues I have had promptly. Once when I moved a new customer's website and database to ASPnix, they went to a great deal of effort to help me migrate a problematic database.

ASPnix --

Disclosure: this is my affiliate link, so I get credits I can use towards my own hosting costs if anyone signs up using this link.

ASPnix control panel

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